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“Cut & Paste” is great, but you may not want to modify the script for your page, right? Welcome to JSS’s Script Generators. Just enter the values and our generator will output the correct (modified!) version of the script for use on your site.

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This script allows you to enter your name and gender to have one of over a billion random stories generated about you and your adventures.

Build tables instantly with several options and paste them into your website for free. You can even buy this generator with NO links back to SearchBliss for only $10 and increase your website stickyness by offering this free tool.

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Would you rather not copy our example code and have to modify it by hand to suit your needs? Then give this preload & rollover script maker a try! Just fill out the information, and it will generate your code for you – no more modifications are necessary! And, we can even mail the generated code to you! Wow… 🙂

This Linear Equation generator asks you to find the relationship

between X and Y. This is a straight line formula in the form of

Y=MX+B where M is the slope and B is the y-intersect.

When laying out Web sites, it is sometimes necessary to fill the areas of the page with some text. This script will do that for you, generating as much or as little text as you need. Simple to use. Add it to your own site.

Need to create a popup window? Use our code generator! Fill out the specifications of the popup window you would like to use, including the URL and the various options such as menubars, toolbars, scrollbars, etc, and click the generate button. Just add this generated code to your site, or even have us mail it to you!

The H2X converter generates a well-formed XHTML string from an

HTML DOM object. H2X could be used in content management

systems, online WYSIWYG HTML editors or any other application to

produce well formed XHTML 1.0 code.

Cut down on the number of repetitive questions you receive with your own FAQs page. Just enter the questions you receive frequently and their respective answers, click the generate button, and this script will output a complete FAQs page for you. And, we can even mail the generated code to you! Just upload it as is. Easy! 🙂

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