Use this script to delay the loading of a particular image. It can be used to delay the loading of large images or banner advertisements. A smaller image is loaded first, which can be transparent or blank. After a designated amount of time the larger image will load in place of the smaller one.

Have you ever wanted to let others know the color palette that you use on your Web site? Or perhaps you need to figure it out yourself. This small script, along with a copy of MooTools (included), will create a palette of your Web page (images not included) that would please even the likes of Pablo Picasso.

This unobtrusive script will update the current year for the copyright notice on a page. No need to worry about changing it from year to year. Very easy to implement.

If a visitor comes to your site and is looking through frames, this script will automatically make the page ‘break out’ of frames. As an added bonus, it’s only 8 lines of script!

JavaScript / Tools / Menu Builder A scrolling menu differs from a popup menu. It displays multiple menu items at simultaneously, rather than displaying a single option. Let’s take a…

This countdown is one of the only ones that use visitor specified dates, not the author of the webpage! This is something your visitors want! All your visitors do is fill out the form on the date and time and click calculate! You can specify the date, and the time you want to countdown to! It’s so easy! Please nominate this script! Why didn’t we think of this before???

This JavaScript code – date picker helps you choose a time through a popup window. Perhaps this feature is not new, but you can customize this calendar control code to create new effects that require the controls through another window page.

Two-word pin code used to direct user to secret file. First word: name of folder in same directory as password file. Second word: name of html file hidden in that folder. Create these folders/files to test. For example, password ‘one two’ brings you to file ‘two.html’ in folder ‘one’.

“This is a trick I found to the “”NO RIGHT CLICK”” script! If you hold down your left mouse button and and while still holding it down press the right mouse button. It will bring up the right click menu! This only works with the early versions on the “”NO RIGHT CLICK”” script. There have been new versions of the script that will not let you do this trick!”

this little baby…is an amazing security…after right clicking on the screen…they will have no choice but to exit the browser, because as soon as they click on the browser screen it will overload

Protect your source code! This simple script encrypts html or text to numbers. No decryption codes required. Just a little line of JavaScript to decrypt the code. Other encryption utilities do not encrypt letters or numbers only symbols but this one does every thing!

A basic, and very easy to use password script, including a no right-click feature for increased security. I recommend this script to be used in a frameset for increased security. Please nominate. -Nik

This script is good for thoes who have web pages that have forms that you have to fil out passwords! this script will check to see if the person has filled out the first and second password and then checks to see if they are the same!