Text Effects JavaScript Code Snippets

Some of these snippets scroll information on the screen – either on the status bar (that bar on the bottom on your browser) or in a text box. Some of these snippets print out messages. Some will display news, special highlights, and others will even tell you a random quote.

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Increase the font size of any section of text. Very easy to set-up and use. Eliminates extra style sheets.

This script is a text box, with different words/phrases brought up from an array!

This can also be used with the setTimeOut method.

Text scrolls from bottom to top, pauses, then scrolls up and out of view. A link can be added, opening in a new window. Configuration is simple.

This text has each letter scroll through the alphabet until it

comes across the correct letter just like the way the messages

at train stations change.

Use this script to spell out a string of text, letter by letter. You can add to existing text, or replace it completely. You can even use it to repeat text, if you like. Easy to implement.

Excerpts (or teaser boxes) from longer texts can help the user when scanning and serve to highlight key points or quotes. This script automatically generated excerpts using JavaScript, CSS, and the DOM. It degrades gracefully.

Sticky Note is an attractive DHTML script that pops up at the

Sticky Note is an attractive DHTML script that pops up at the

center of the page to display anything of your choice. Users can

customize, how often the note should appear on the page, for how

long, and whether a fade-in effect should be accompanied.

Works in MSIE and Mozilla FireFox.

Some languages are written from right to left. This script takes
the input from the users entry field and simulates typing from
right to left.

This is a simple message encoding script. You can encode your message and send it to a friend. He can then decode it using this script. You can also use the script to encrypt your text files. Numbers and special characters are not allowed.

This short script takes a line of text, and prints it on your page using a set of custom images, one for each letter. The images are provided for all alphanumeric characters, period, comma, exclamation sign, and apostrophe.

Use this little script to surround a complex function that takes

some time to complete. It provides a “Please Wait” message

while the function is calculating.