Miscellaneous JavaScript Code Snippets

This section covers miscellaneous snippets, JavaScript libraries, and tools used in the creation of snippets. If a script didn’t fit anywhere else, it’s probably ended up here.

Results via Envato Market

Build pulldown menus, menu bars, pop-up menus and floating menus with just ONE core script. A must for all dhtml menu fans.

This is an XML based JavaScript Ticker that can tick any number of messages. The ticker works with IE only. The ticker reads it’s contents, i.e the ticker style, text to be displayed, the link for that particular message from a XML file.

Is this magic? Is this wwword 2000? No, it’s just a stunning way to amaze your admirers once more. Let them write their love letters directly on the surface of your browser – without ugly form texfields. Loading ca. 30 sec. >>> Download more free fun-scripts from www.24fun.ch <<<

Prints dynamic X and Y mouse location to form – works in Netscape and MSIE. Can be incorporated into your scripts for various uses such as with USEMAP graphics or DHTML w/ JS pop-up text boxes.

This is a simple, fast and effictive scroller javascript, all in 1 html file, full customisable and well commented script. Nominate this script!