Miscellaneous JavaScript Code Snippets

This section covers miscellaneous snippets, JavaScript libraries, and tools used in the creation of snippets. If a script didn’t fit anywhere else, it’s probably ended up here.

Results via Envato Market

This script gives you a bunch of browsers and it will tell you which broswer you are in… Works best in Microsoft Internet Explorer but it does work in others

“(accually by jonathan liu) welcomes visitor by their name it gives an alert box that says. “”Welcome (who ever) to my site!”” It looks in your database to find your computer’s name. the name is the (who ever). Name only works with netscape BUT it displays “”not using netscape 4.0+?”” instead of the name”

The JavaScript Source is your resource for thousands of free JavaScripts for cutting and pasting into your Web pages. Get free Java Script tutorials, references, code, menus, calendars, popup windows, games and help.

When a person goes to your page a prompt will come up asking for their name. After they enter it their name will pop up on the status bar with whatever you want it to say!

This is my first posted script. This will allow you display a welcome message when people enter the site and when they leave the site in anyway (Link, favorites etc) an exit message will be displayed and will not let them continue util they press OK! Cool, Huh? These pages contain a form asking for your email.

“When you click on a link that says “”click this link if you think that my page sucks””, it you open a page that is impossible to leave. If they go to a new url, it will come back and if they try to close their browser, it will pop open again. This is VERY cool. VOTE FOR ME!!!!”

You can specify some text and the person viewing your page will be promted with that text in a javascript alert then they will proceed to your page.