Time & Date JavaScript Code Snippets

These snippets all relate to time and dates. Some of them display only the month, others the entire year. Some highlight the current day or tell you when you entered the page. Other snippets display the current date or time according to the user’s time zone, or another time zone some other place in the world. The source code is available for all the snippets.

Results via Envato Market

This countdown is one of the only ones that use visitor specified dates, not the author of the webpage! This is something your visitors want! All your visitors do is fill out the form on the date and time and click calculate! You can specify the date, and the time you want to countdown to! It’s so easy! Please nominate this script! Why didn’t we think of this before???

This JavaScript code – date picker helps you choose a time through a popup window. Perhaps this feature is not new, but you can customize this calendar control code to create new effects that require the controls through another window page.

This script provides an easy way to select a date directly from a calendar and put the selected date into a form’s field. Y2K compliant. Works fine with Netscape and Internet Explorer

As far as I can tell, this is the ONLY date / time script that works across ALL browsers and systems. It is a modification of another script found here, but this one works. Enjoy!! And as this is my first script, if you like it, nominate it!! It is called encouragement 🙂

Returns 4-digit year value … includes workaround solution for non y2k compliant browsers (e.g. nav3)