Text Effects JavaScript Code Snippets

Some of these snippets scroll information on the screen – either on the status bar (that bar on the bottom on your browser) or in a text box. Some of these snippets print out messages. Some will display news, special highlights, and others will even tell you a random quote.

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This scroller supports both text and images. Size and speed are adjustable. It works with multiple messages and allows for hyperlinks to distinct URLs. Cool!

This script creates a rainbow of color in your text. Very appealing when used sparingly. Heavily commented.

Many users have their default font size set very low in their browsers. If you are using relative font sizes on your Web site, this script will resize those user’s fonts to something more appropriate.

Use this script to show how long it takes a page to load. A timer starts when the page begins to parse and ends when it has completed loading all of the content.

This script makes it look like there is a lump moving under a line of text in the status bar — sort of how it would look if a mouse were running under a rug.

The script blinks any message. It features configurable speed, pause, size, background. Cross-browser: NS4+, NS6+, IE4+, Mozilla and Opera 7+.

An impressive single line news ticker with smooth scrolling motion. Supports any valid HTML within the scroll text, including images or links. Really easy to position on your page, just place the ‘tickpos’ anchor where you want the scroller to appear. Easy!

When you move your mouse over a link, a hint or something about the link will appear below the link in a scrolling fashion. You can change the direction of scrolling in this version. When you move your mouse out the scrolling will stop. Works in MSIE and Opera.

Provides controls to scroll the layer at varying speeds. Can be used with your own graphics and layout to creatively present your content.

A variable width/speed marquee with realistic multi-color LED digits. No fonts required, and it uses only a single 36Kb image.

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This script will make your text string form a wave and then
scroll within the defined area. This JavaScript was created
using the Advanced Effect Maker that allows users to create more
than 160 Flash and JavaScript effects.