with this password protector you give them a confirmation box that asks them if they still want to enter. if they click cancel the get redirected to yahoo. if they click yes they go on to the password field. if they get it wrong they go to yahoo too.

This script is better than a triple whammy. You can easily set up multple users and passowrds. You can send those users to different web pages. The usernames and passwords are kept in a separate file. It has a three times and you’re out loop. It is extremely easy to configure. When your run this use the following username/password: me/password or you/here Or try entering in the wrong password. To download the entire package goto http://www.webresumes.cx/pass/password.zip Please dont forget to nominate this script

Rather not have one password for access the Members-Only section of your site? Well, along comes this little JavaScript gem. You can set up a separate username and password for as many members as you want, and even give each a different page to go to after logging in!

This script provides an easy way to select a date directly from a calendar and put the selected date into a form’s field. Y2K compliant. Works fine with Netscape and Internet Explorer

Returns 4-digit year value … includes workaround solution for non y2k compliant browsers (e.g. nav3)

As far as I can tell, this is the ONLY date / time script that works across ALL browsers and systems. It is a modification of another script found here, but this one works. Enjoy!! And as this is my first script, if you like it, nominate it!! It is called encouragement 🙂