Miscellaneous JavaScript Code Snippets

This section covers miscellaneous snippets, JavaScript libraries, and tools used in the creation of snippets. If a script didn’t fit anywhere else, it’s probably ended up here.

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If you don’t know HTML this script is perfect for you! Create a really good-looking site without knowing any HTML. Answer a few questions, choose how, what, and wheer you want it, and VOILA. Like this script? Visit http://www.echoweb.8m.com for more of them.

WebFlex Multisearch is a javascript that can search up to 30 different search engines and newsgroups similtaneously. <P> Built for Nav 3+ and IE 4+ browsers, the various engines cover general, entertainment, legal, medical and kids orientated sites. <P> The multisearch can send results to new windows or to the dynamically written frameset generated by the script. It also includes the option to list pages with most engines. <p> It was converted into a single script with the WebFlex Editing program. <P> http://www.apo.com.au/webflex/about.htm

This allows you to start your own Webring using another site’s power! by Qirien Dhaela

Search for information on the Net using one of 10 popular search engines. To search for more than one word, use a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ symbol, without any space, in between the words. On some sites you may need to use AND and OR instead.

This JavaScript tells you the HEX code of a color that you select from a visual pallette of web safe colours which are good to use for cross-platform uniformity.

This script uses the part before the .htm of your secret page, and prompts for it and redirects to that page (i.e. a password of sublime would redirect the user to sublime.htm)Note: this script WILL NOT redirect to .html files. To redirect to .html files, you will need to add the l on the window.location line after the .htm

This script uses window variables to store the components of a sample pizza order. Also, it uses frames and dynamic scripts to simulate multiple pages.

URL Submit v.2.0 will allow you to submit your site to 16!!! search engines by filling out one simple form. Like this script? Visit http://www.echoweb.8m.com for more of them. p.s. for the read me file visit this page: http://www.echoweb.8m.com/generators/

Meta Creator allows you to create professional meta tags with many functions for your page. Easy as always, fill in info then cut-n-paste the code. Like this script? Visit http://www.echoweb.8m.com for more of them.