Web Midi JukeBox Application

By Rochelle on Nov 30, 2001

“A web document file with JavaScript to feature a midi jukebox player with drop-down menu.

HTML and script synopsis
This scripting solution uses the Dynamic HTML document model (DOM) for the embedded sound files. Each embedded sound file is stored in the embeds document enumerated hierarchy of objects and can then be accessed with JavaScript programming code for document.embeds[index].stop(); and document.embeds[index].play(); index between 0 and total of HTML embed sound file tags minus one.
Essential you will note in the HTML code that the autostart=””false”” embed property prevents each sound file being played on web document loading. Essential also you will note the HTML code for the select drop-down menu object has it’s visibility hidden and only revealed when all the embedded sound files have been fully loaded into the web document page. This will prevent any browser exception error should a user attempt to select a sound file that has not been made available loaded.
Important note: Bear in mind the web browser loading capacity and time taken for all your sound files being loaded into your HTML document and your audience’s web browser. ”