Text Effects JavaScript Code Snippets

Some of these snippets scroll information on the screen – either on the status bar (that bar on the bottom on your browser) or in a text box. Some of these snippets print out messages. Some will display news, special highlights, and others will even tell you a random quote.

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This script creates ‘tool tips’ for images. Use as much text as you want. Formatting is controlled through the use of style sheets. The text will re-size, according to the screen width and placement of cursor.

An ordinary marquee that uses JavaScript to include links. The speed and delay are customizable to suit the viewers’ needs. IE only.

Display news and announcements on your site. The text fades in and out, and can display active links for each item.

This script simply flashes (hence the name) a message on and off on your statusbar. This script probably got your attention better than the Classic Scroll but, is not used as much. The Flasher is just not as well known as the Classic Scroll.

Draw attention to information on your site with JavaScript-powered expanding text! Just enter the text you want to use, the max size you want it to reach, and speed it should “grow” and it’s ready to go. Neat!

This script displays a content box that drops in from midair,

and can display whatever you choose. The frequency of the box

appearing can be precisely controlled.

This script displays a bouncing scroll; it includes an HTML code

generator that allows the user to change the parameters without any

knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming.

This script displays a scroll-text with the zoom effect. The script includes an HTML code generator that allows users to change the parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming.

(4.0+ browsers) Offer your visitors a quick description or more information about a link before they visit it. When they put their cursor over a link a layer will appear describing the link. Your visitors will appreciate the extra effort, and it looks great too!