Passwords JavaScript Code Snippets

These snippets all deal with JavaScript password protection snippets. They are an elementary attempt to protect a site and should NOT be used to protect top secret information. They just keep the amateurs out. Pros can infiltrate such sites with these forms of protection. But, for free, they do a good job. They are sometimes very difficult to write – just look at the code.

Results via Envato Market

Do you believe that open-source JavaScript can be secure? NO WAY!! Try this enciphered-source password protection where the source-code is unavailable for reading by human.

This is another basic encryption/decryption program. The
difference is this script can shift characters based on user
input and you can use more than one key making your security
even more difficult to break.

This simple javascript protect your home page. if the password is correct, you continue the loading page. if it is wrong, an alert going to stop.

Protect your webpage scripts from ‘pirates’ who try to take other peoples work and call it theirs. Made by Jason L. (Check the script for more information).

This simple program will protect your webpage unless experienced crackers will see the source…Anyway it is a good program!