Navigation JavaScript Code Snippets

These snippets all deal with JavaScript Navigation snippets. They all help your visitors navigate around your site – either with menu lists, random links, etc.

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This script uses DHTML to create a menu system which contains a large number of links in a relatively small space. Clicking on one of the links will open a sub-menu.

Slides the browser window off the screen when the link or button is clicked, only to return it to its original location as it loads the link page. Sweet!

This clean-looking menu is very simple to implement and can be placed anywhere on a page. Adding or deleting levels is easy to do. The menu is created without tables, using unordered lists and hidden layers.

The slide down menu is composed of a number of menu headers. Upon clicking these headers, its menu items are revealed with a sliding DHTML effect. This script also works in a frameset.

This script will allow you to use a single link to run a choice of functions. Can be used for different links or tasks. Easy to use.