Multimedia JavaScript Code Snippets

These snippets all deal with multimedia. Every entry now also has a source code box so you may see the exact JavaScript code used to create the button.

Results via Envato Market

Show a random GIF on your web page each day or each time the "Reload" or "Refresh" button is depressed. Works with both Netscape 4.6 and IE 5.0.

this script has a built in jav script browser. you can get the cgi bin locations of many other search engines to fuel your own browser.this is best yused with a site that uses can put your browser on top and let them have fun with it.

100% Multimedia compatibility between Netscape and IE for ANY movie format! No more separate pages for movies! I did not include the movie with the upload, but look at the source code by using IE (not NS4 because it only shows code for NS4 not IE). Developed by Tom Stephenson of the Command Station

“A JavaScript effect that mocks a PowerPoint Presentation by
modifying the position of <span> and <h1> tags. It also resizes
the browser to the user’s maximum screen size, and positions it
for effect.”