Multimedia JavaScript Code Snippets

These snippets all deal with multimedia. Every entry now also has a source code box so you may see the exact JavaScript code used to create the button.

Results via Envato Market

This script creates a scrollable slide show from small pictures. Click on one of these pictires will open another window with more details. You can stop moving of pictures using your mouse.

This script integrates with the browser allowing you to play media files. Type the filename into the filename box, then the title. Press play to generate. Have fun.

Do you have a web site that focuses on Music? Supply your visitors with an easy way to chat in real time about your music topics. Now it’s even easier to let your web site visitors chat! In just five minutes, you can have your web site visitors chatting. Just place a peice of code on your site and that’s it. This is free. Please restrict the use of this free chat to music related topics only

Sound is wonderful weapon to enhance the impact of imagelinks,textlinks and navigation bars. Here is a smart cross-browser solution which is simple and powerful at the same time. Just install one little function – and you are the soundmaster of the universe. — IE4x and NN4x —

With or without frameset. Dummy file is used that refreshes to random html file. Couldn’t do it directly from frameset so that’s why dummy file was created.

“Checks for real audio mimetype and gives link (or whatever you want) if user has it. Gives “”sorry”” msg if not.”

Show a random GIF on your page each day or "refresh/reload". You can change the random number to suit your needs.