Image Effects JavaScript Code Snippets

These snippets all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages.

Results via Envato Market

Tigra Hints is a free JavaScript widget that displays pop-up box with notes when the mouse appears over any HTML element on the page (also known as tool tips or hints).

When you click a smaller thumbnail it appears in the larger picture. You can customize where the pictures come from.

Run and download the ultimate graphic Lara Croft Search Engine and find the latest model-pictures, movies, savegames, cheats, sites and news about the most wanted and most mysterious woman between Venus and Uranus. The Ultimate Lara Croft Search Engine is pure JavaScript and DHTML. >>> Download more free fun-scripts from <<<

Awesome snow-flakes big enough to actually see! You’ll love it! Please nominate! But first, be sure to check it out!!!

This script randomly changes the background of a Select Form. The Options are all randomized to. Which means they all are different colors. Realy COOL!