Buttons JavaScript Code Snippets

These snippets all deal with JavaScript button effects. Every entry now also has a source code box so you may see the exact JavaScript code used to create the button.

Results via Envato Market

Easily create active buttons with any image. Repositions image when your mouse passes over it and moves again when clicked on. Easy!

Your Irish kiss! Mouseover button to receive your animated kiss. Click on button to load new page. Cool!

(Internet Explorer Only) Move your mouse over the button and watch it fade to another color and then fade back to original color once you move your mouse off. The message on the button will even change after you click on it!

Forces the user to click on a button. If the window is closed without clicking on the button it will be opened again. Really persistent.

This is an image buttons with a simple style script, attach a few mouse events to an image (or images), and instant four-action buttons. Enjoy!

This script opens the default e-mail client, writes a predetermined message into the subject line, and writes the page title and link into the body of the e-mail.

A JavaScript button will bring up an E-Mail Window for your users. You can also include a predefined subject if you so decide. Both methods are demonstrated.

This effect is practically never used. 6 lines of HTML give you back and forward buttons that act exactly like the ones in your web browser. It makes your users feel more secure when they know they can go back.

This script plays sound when the user mouses over the dynamic button . Clicking on button opens a new browser window. You can customize the dynamic button colors, style, link, and sound.

This script lets you click a button & see the text inside that button, as more text appears the button gets larger.

This is a cross browser javascript button ticker that ticks a number of messages on a button.You can change the direction in which the message ticks. (i.e the order in which the message ticks).

Prevent the Return key from accidentally submitting a form. The user now MUST click on the submit button. Great!