Simple Picture Changer

By Kenneth Pitman on Apr 27, 2009

“You can change the number of pictures by adding or deleting the lines in the ‘function preload()’ and by changing the ‘vpic’ to the new number of pictures. The image files need to be in the same folder as your web page and the image names substituted with the names of your images. Please retain the numbers as attached to the image names and all the names need to be the same except for the numbers. 0 – the number of pictures you wish to show with 0 (zero) being the first. You can change the display time by changing the 6000 and 3000 numbers. 1000 = 1 second. The image can be moved anywhere around the screen in the usual manner. You can change the size of the picture in the ‘body’ ‘img’ line but all pictures will be displayed at this same size too. ”


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