Professional No RC & LC HRCR & IE5 SideMenu – Patch 1 (Crossbrowser, all OpSys)

By Roger on Apr 6, 2000

“DON’T USE THIS! This WAS a patch/update/fix to Script Number 27907 for the right click and left click functions (source code, images, text, HTML). It was a fluke (my mistake). Please use PATCH 2 instead at Script number 28050 by entering 28050 in the search engine box near the EarthWeb Logo under the “”Search the Site”” text. Or you can enter the word OPSYS (in that same location) for all the listing of scripts that I have posted. Thanks! (I had to keep this posted because I had told about a zillion people to download this script — if you’re one of them, don’t! Go to Script Number 28050 instead)”