Professional No RC & LC-Hold-RC-Release & IE5 SideMenu (Crossbrowser, all OpSys)

By Roger on Feb 6, 2000

A PATCH/FIX FOR THIS SCRIPT WAS UPLOADED ON JUNE 06, SEE SCRIPT NUMBER 28050 (ENTER 28050 IN THE SEARCH ENGINE BOX)!!!!. Prevents a Non-IE5 user from accesing the source code, images, text, HTML by right clicking. For IE5 users, right clicking pops up a side menu (SideMenu is configurable). It also resolves the issue of users left clicking and holding the left mouse button while right clicking. The script is configurable and includes set up instructions. Works on ALL browsers with documents contaning frames or no frames. See source code for more information. ***Coming Soon*** Working on another script to add-on to this script. It’s for No Keyboard Strokes (All Keys) and No CTRL-N, CTRL-U, CTRL-L, ALT-V. Nominate me please? Thanks! 🙂