Fixed Layer Manager

By Tim Tran on Mar 23, 2006


Emulate CSS “fixed” positioning, which Internet Explorer lacks. Managed layers will disappear while the user is scrolling and reappear only after scrolling stops — thereby preventing the shearing effect common with other solutions. Heavily commented.



  • Created by: Tim Tran
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  • Posted: March 23, 2006

While I use terminology common to OOP (e.g. classes, static members, class constants; public, private, and protected methods) in my documentation, these are meant to be interpreted by the programmer on a conceptual level. JavaScript does not have true classes but objects, no protection mechanism for members, and lacks many constructs found in true OOP languages… Please keep this in mind.

Also, I use the term “layer” to mean any HTML document object that has “absolute” positioning (e.g. created by <DIV>, <SPAN>, and most other tags with CSS attibute {postion: absolute;}.

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