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The text box at the upper left corner of the form displays the current status of the form (the active menu). “Top” means that the visible options (names and URLs) belong to the parent menu (or to the single menu if you aren’t creating related menus). “Mx” indicates that you are currently working on a sub-menu, where x is the option in the parent menu that governs the current sub-menu.

Changing the active menu is very easy. Simply click the corresponding button in the form’s left column. In order to return to the parent menu, click the text box in the upper left corner of the form. Alternatively, you can click the button reflecting the active menu (the buttons toggle between the corresponding child menu and the parent menu). You don’t need to worry about saving your entries. The form saves your data while you work.

If you want to include an inactive option in your menu (an item that doesn’t load a site), simply leave the its URL field empty.

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