Array Creator 3

By JavaScriptSource Staff on Jan 23, 2008


Coding large arrays can be a bit of a repetitive chore. This script will create a generator that will help speed up the process. Easy to use and implement!

Array Name:
Indexed Array Length:
Index Value: Ext
Index Style: 1   2   3  
Add Numerical Values: Yes   No    


  • Created by: Mr. J
  • Web Site:

  • When using the numerical value option enter the array length and an index value.
  • A number is then appended to the index value starting at 000.
  • A second value can also be added after the number by entering in the second textbox, if this is not required leave the box blank.
  • If the numerical value option is not used each individual array index value is typed in the text field, you can then either click the “Manual Enter” button or press the “Return” key to confirm your index value.

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